What I do

I think of myself as a provocateur, helping organisations and individuals to think differently – about their operating environment, about how they respond to that and about what / who they are. Like the Walrus I can talk of many things but in general I present around three areas

  • The big megatrends – VUCA as one TUF EAT (that’s technology driven, urban, fast, emergent, abundant and tribal) with some demographics thrown in too
  • The future of work – particularly thinking about the potential tension between the aspirations of organisations to maximise their efficiency and effectiveness and the appetite of individuals to control their working lives
  • The distinction between the old normal of complicated (multidimensional and never simple, but fundamentally linear) and complex (systemic, connected and unpredictable) and what that means in our working lives

Along the way I have views and opinions on what all of this means for organisations, their culture, their success and resilience. You’ll find more on that in my blog.

I present, facilitate workshops, effect introductions, provoke and challenge organisations, their leaders and staff. I’ve worked with many groups from the executive teams of FTSE100 to a sisterhood of nuns (my favourite clients) and provide ongoing design and delivery support to KPMG’s C Suite Leadership programme.

Introductory videos


The future in 3 Time Horizons

We are human

Technology driven

Increasingly Urban

Fast (and getting faster)

Emergent and exponential

Abundant but also scarce

Back to tribal

The two sides to the future of work

Complex is the default

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