About CIAO (and me)

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I started the company CIAO (Change is an Opportunity Ltd) in April 2015 when I left KPMG having worked there for nearly 25 years. However, as an approach to life CIAO was anything other than new – prior to KPMG I had read Geography at Cambridge and printing studies at the London College of Printing. I’d produced nautical charts for the UK Admiralty and published research level chemistry and physics texts with John Wiley & Sons. And at KPMG I had variously been auditor, corporate financier, dot com adviser, CRM implementation lead, innovative culture driver and founder/ director of the KPMG Future Institute. And looking back it feels like a set of building blocks – even if none of those roles was to any extent planned – although I did start off thinking I wanted to work in publishing . . . .

Currently I get described as a futurist or a futurologist. I’m not keen on either title since I think so much of what I talk about is here today – it’s just not mainstream. And equally I don’t believe that everything I talk about will automatically be mainstream in the future either! If you want to know more about why I don’t like the futurist tag, check out my Time Horizons video.

Read my blogs on the right, or click here to find out what I present and how I challenge organisations

Alternatively if you want to know more please Contact me here or via Linkedin at Heather Bewers


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